Check on your cryptocurrency wallets anywhere, anytime!

  • WalleteX provides you with a realtime summary of the top 100 cryptocurrencies at the moment.
  • With WalleteX you can track the price changes in the last hour, the last day and the last week.
  • Add Blockchain or Gatehub address to automatically calculate the balances and values
  • Read your balances from the supported exchange markets.

You can also:
• Show your total balance across all currencies in USD, EUR or BTC.
• Add new addresses easily using the QR code scanner.
• Show QR code and wallet addresses for easy depositing funds
• Night mode for easy reading in dark environments. Add the currencies to WalleteX manually when you can’t access the QR code or the address. This way you will still be able to track the currencies using only one app.

DISCLAIMER: This overview is a READ ONLY version. This means that your data will NEVER be stored or saved. Also, you cannot sell or buy the currencies using this application.


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Bitcoin Cash


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